Heather Dauphiny Creative | What's A Mood Board, Anyway?

What is a Mood Board, Anyway?

If you’ve ever searched Pinterest for some sort of color palette or simply search “branding” or “brand identity” you most likely have come across these things called “mood boards.” I have to admit, I first thought of a mood ring and thought this whole concept was kind of silly …

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Email Lists – Why They Matter and How to Grow Them | Heather Dauphiny Creative

Email Lists – Why They Matter and How to Grow Them

You see them everywhere, on every website you visit and all over your social media feeds. Ads and announcements asking you to join the mailing list. And there’s a reason you see them everywhere. And there’s a reason many reasons you should care. You need to work on building an

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File Types and When to Use Them | Heather Dauphiny Creative

A Breakdown of File Types and When to Use Them

A client recently created an image and added it to Instagram, but then immediately took it down because it was blurry. Has that ever happened to you? Or have you been asked to send your logo in vector format and you have no idea what that means? Don’t worry –

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