Tira Burford, LCSW

Tira Burford, LCSW, is commited to creating a space and community where clinical, spiritual and soulful inquiry collide to create conditions for healing anxiety & depression, the effects of trauma, PTSD, chronic stress & overwhelm.

The audience is looking for support, guidance and real tools to help them live a fully whole life. Tira’s experience, knowledge and passion drive her to be a source of light, hope and understanding for those she serves.

Tira works with individuals in person and online to provide a place where they can make strides to overcome challenges and live a fully whole life.

As Tira prepared to launch her health and wellness business, she wanted a solid brand in place to present to potential clients. We worked together through my brand identity process (branding questionnaire, 1-1 branding meeting, competitor analysis, visual planning, and logo development) to come up with a unique, versatile brand identity and accompanying brand book to ensure cohesiveness across visual and written content.

Tira Burford Brand
Live Fully Whole.

Brand Voice
Tira Burford and the “Live Fully Whole” brand uses a tone of voice created around the idea of purposeful passion and empathetic authenticity. The tone of voice is about bringing meaning and credibility to what Tira shares … online, in person, to a large audience and to one-on-one clients. The words used to convey this tone should be filled with empathy, honesty, authenticity and compassion. It should be a balance between purpose and passion — sharing knowledge and guidance in an engaging way that resonates with people. To authentically connect with people and help them grow, use empathetic and optimistic language.

clean  |  minimal  |  fresh  |  meaningful  |  empathetic  |  approachable

Main Logo

Sub-logo Mark

Branding Templates

Tira Burford LCSW - Branding Assets and Templates - Heather Dauphiny Creative

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