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Case Study: Catalog Design for Ashley Brooke Designs

Here’s a secret about me: I LOVE layout design. I thoroughly enjoy taking text, images and a branding guide and putting all of the pieces together to create a cohesive document. When Ashley Brooke from Ashley Brooke Designs reached out to inquire about doing a catalog design, I had to

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My take on the Huffington Post (excuse me, HuffPost) Rebrand

If you’ve visited the Huffington Post (either HuffingtonPost.com or HuffPost.com) since April 25, you will most likely have noticed something different (or a lot of different things). From the name – now just “HuffPost” to the masthead to the logomark to the layout of the site … everything is different.

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Heather Dauphiny Creative | What's A Mood Board, Anyway?

What is a Mood Board, Anyway?

If you’ve ever searched Pinterest for some sort of color palette or simply search “branding” or “brand identity” you most likely have come across these things called “mood boards.” I have to admit, I first thought of a mood ring and thought this whole concept was kind of silly …

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