Health Coaching Blog SEO: How to Make the Content on Your Website Appear in Google Searches

SEO for Health Coaching Blogs - Heather Dauphiny-12
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Before we get started discussing how you can improve your health coaching blog SEO one post at a time, it’s important to understand how to write content for SEO. It is NOT a matter of keyword-stuffing your posts. As I tell my kids, “I’m not as dumb as you may think I am some times” … Google tells us the same thing when we try to fill posts with keywords in our niche. The Google Algorithm knows and will actually knock you down some for doing this type of content writing.

While you do need to write in certain ways and incorporate specific elements in your blog post content, you also need to remember that you are writing for people. That should be your first thought.

And the first thing I tell people when they want to improve their content SEO rankings is that they first need to write the content for the people they are trying to serve.

After you have drafted content for your reader, you can then go back and work through your health coaching blog SEO checklist. It should not be the other way around. Or completely neglecting the end-user altogether. You should be writing for both Google Searches and for your audience.

And if you do it well, the content will be stronger and more likely to show up in more searches that your niche audience will be conducting.

You most likely already have content on your website, especially blog content. I am all about working smarter not harder, so I highly encourage you to go back to content you already have created and make adjustments to make the posts more SEO-friendly. This will also give you some practice at what the final product of good health coaching blog SEO looks like, so you can have it in mind when you craft new content.

If you’re using Yoast SEO to optimize your posts (and if you are on WordPress, I highly recommend this plugin), I’ve got a video that walks through step-by-step to ensure your health coaching blog SEO is on-point every time.

Improve your health coaching blog SEO today with these 5 steps

  1. Identify your top 5 blog posts based on traffic.
    Don’t know how to determine your top posts? DM me
  2. Add at least one Outbound Link to each of these posts.
    An outbound link is a link to a page that is not one on your web domain.
  3. Add at least two Inbound Links to each of these posts.
    An inbound link is a link to a page or post on your website. Consider linking to a related blog post, your services or your contact page.
  4. Ensure you are using headings to separate the main ideas in your content.
    Do you know how to make a heading, not just a bold sentence? If you don’t, send me a message me … I’ll make sure you get it right!⁣
  5. Embed a sign-up form for your email list within the post.
    You can do this easily with a plugin or embed code from Mailchimp on WordPress OR using a “newsletter” block in Squarespace.

Hey there, I’m Heather Dauphiny. I help health & wellness entrepreneurs build their websites in 3 days without the technology overwhelm.


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